Famous Music Festival you should experience in Australia

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Australia is an amazing country known for its Australian music festival. There’s so much fun to do every weekend that includes big parties, events, and new festivals. Thus, whether you’re backpacking through the country, or you’re from Australia. Or you’re recently on a working visa and studying abroad for a semester. And are looking for something to unwind, you might like to check out the list of Australian Festivals for great parties to attend.

Well-known Music Festivals in Australia:

  1. Splendour in the Grass

Splendour in the Grass is known as one of the biggest festivals you can experience in Australia. It always offers a first-class lineup with a broad range of genres at an attractive location. This will be a memorable festival experience and always give an incredible production. It also features delicious cuisine, local arts and crafts.

  1. Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise happens over New Year’s Eve. It will be great especially if you’re not sure where to spend the moment and you’re in Australia. Lost Paradise is a 3-day camping festival with a superb spanning every genre. It has amazing art, yoga, and food, wrapped in an attractive community. It has always been a part of the bucket list of great music festivals in Australia.

  1. Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a yearly celebration of sound, art, and innovative expression. That is held for 3 days every November, just a couple of hours in Melbourne, Australia. Yearly, this festival provides different choices of both breakthrough and famous electronic music. From both overseas and in Australia, and is highly recommended by many since it is one of the tops on the list.

  1. Groovin the Moo

Groovin the Moo is a major player in the festival scene in Australia. Every year they make six, one-day festivals in 6 various cities. Groovin the Moo is a place for people who are searching for warmth, a space for open-minded people. And open their ears for both familiar and trendy sounds. It’s a great tradition for local host communities to celebrate and join with them.

Australian music festival

  1. Return to Rio

This is highly recommended to those looking for an extraordinary weekend of boozing. Camping, dancing, and amazing vibes. Though it is a more intimate and smaller event than those Australian festivals, it can still give a weekend blast. From the top-notch music, elegant dress outfits, and adult summer camp vibes. This event will guarantee people to keep coming back for more.

  1. Rainbow Serpent Festival

Rainbow Serpent is one of Austalia’s most well-known bush doofs/ festivals. With its incredible art installations, wonderful colorful stages. Electronically diverse line-up and awesome camping experience. A chance to link with like-minded individuals, a fresh discovery of escapism. You can expect to have a distinct combination of art, spiritual discussion. Music, performance, healing, and relaxation.

  1. HarbourLife

Harbourlife is a very famous dance music event in Sydney since 2003. This extravagant Sydney festival will return to the waterside venue at Mrs. Macquarie’s Point in Sydney. It is a great way to start your summer in good-looking green surroundings. With a perfect view of the Sydney skyline/harbor and party with hand-picked choices of quality house acts. There’s also a lot of people joining this festival enjoying a free party with first-rate music.

  1. Beyond the Valley

A unique, distinctive, and carefully organized music festival throughout New Year’s eve. Plenty of people are making their way to this splendid site in Lardner Park, Victoria. To check and witness what awaits them. With breathtaking visuals, stage production, lighting, and decor. To give performances by local and internationally acclaimed artists.

There are a lot of Australian Music Festivals to select from, you might want to experience them by yourself and you’ll not regret them.