Video Production: What Are Its Different Phases?

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Video production is about producing video content; it is used for different purposes, whether for personal or business use. Video production is also equivalent to filmmaking, however, it has video recorded either as:

  • analog signals on videotape
  • digitally in videotape
  • computer files

Video production is a balancing action; every step in the video production process must be planned and executed to make a message or short story come to life. There are different phases of video production singapore, making your content more realistic and interesting – creating expressive and informative content.


Before you start any video production, the overall goal of the video is the first thing to look at. Check on your motivation behind the scenes. Is your goal making people visit your website? You must learn more about your product/service or put their trust in your brand. The big-picture goal drives your decision-making. Before you start planning the next phases, take the following factors:

  • video’s smaller goals
  • target demographic
  • where the video will live
  • budget
  • what metrics to use
  • Pre-production

Pre-production may involve all the creative planning needed to move ahead with production, things like:

  • ideation
  • concept creation
  • mood boards
  • style guides
  • actor casting
  • sourcing locations
  • props
  • script writing
  • scheduling

Accurate and detailed budgeting is the key in this phase, ensuring not only the resources you need to bring your story to life but also getting your money’s worth from all the vendors involved. Pre-production is the most time-consuming part of the video production. But, it is also one of the most essential phases, effectively setting the video production tone successfully. During pre-production, the poorly-planned video falls apart in the blink of an eye and it may cost lots of money and time for everyone involved.


Magic happens in the production of a video, where actors deliver lines. The background ideas become a script and the scenery comes to life while the camera is rolling. It depends on the size of the production, the production phase can last a few more days or even a few hours as several departments of:

  • Directing
  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Art
  • More work in symbiosis

It depends on the concept, which production takes place in the studio or on the location for a better lifestyle-driven shoot. For the on-location shoots, besides renting the property itself, other hoops jump through such as:

  • Securing filming permits
  • Hiring police/security

Getting the owners to sign the legal location releases. The stuff is fairly common for a production but requires a few weeks’ notice to pull off.

Since the film studio was built to cater to film production.

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