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Oral hygiene is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. It has been stated according to different sources and proved by different psychological tests that a good pair of teeth increases the self-confidence of a person. However not all individuals get the perfect teeth, be it in shape or size, some or the other difficulty may arise eventually in the lifetime of a person which may lead to crooked teeth like accidents.

At Specialist Dental Group one can resolve all dental issues by meeting skilled and experienced dentists.

Vision and Mission

  • The guarantee provided by the expertise to provide the best treatment available in the whole city of Singapore attracts the maximum number of patients.
  • The age-old treatments are not preferred and in that place, new and modern technology is introduced with high-tech dentistry which provides fast and timely solutions to the patients.
  • It is somewhere expected that dental treatments include a lot of pain which in turn causes anxiety which keeps them away from the dentists. However at Specialist Dental Group, it is kept in mind that the patients feel free and positive during the whole process of dental treatment.

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Services provided-

There are numerous services provided by the specialist dental group which includes-

  • Dentures- Denture is basically Replacement for the missing teeth In the mouth of the patients these days removable and can be full, partial temporary or fixed. Feel free to contact Specialist Dental Group for any such treatment related to dentures Singapore.
  • Oral Surgery- Few of the surgeries and operations to cure the problems inside the mouth including jaw surgery, Wisdom tooth surgery which involves taking out of the wisdom tooth, Tongue surgery Is there any other such surgeries which may be necessary to cure the patient and the problem.
  • Teeth replacement and cosmetic surgery- This involves dental bridge, teeth whitening, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, dentures and dental implants.
  • Treatments- Treatments involving braces treatment or invisalign, to give shape and proper size to the teeth are also provided here. It also gives the services of root canal treatment.

Dental problems involve a huge sum of money which is generally non-affordable by the majority of people. There is no worry for such cases as in Specialist Dental Group different claims and offers are provided to the patients including medi- claims and financial packages. The personal data provided by the patients are also kept private and is protected from any outside sources.

For any dental emergency the patient can contact the dentist directly by the contact number provided on the dentist’s card. For any other query one can go to their website and feel free to mail them on the email ID provided and can also fill out the form and let the experts know about the dental concern.

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