What is the checklist you have to consider in buying solar lights?

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The use of solar bollard lights is ideal when you have them in your outdoor and it adds to the landscape design. It is simple and affordable to install, eco-friendly and it doesn’t add to your bill. The market for solar has many product innovations. There will be times that the customers are new to the industry which makes it hard to look at and compare its models. The different solar lights will depend on the levels of quality from their power storage to light output and service life. When you are asking questions before you buy it can save you money and avoid buying an ineffective solar light.


Many people understand how solar lighting works. The sunlight will charge the battery during the daytime and the energy that is stored uses its power to light after the sunsets. When the Highlux lighting has a higher autonomy it can stay lit without charging. For those that buy a cheaper solar light with cheap batteries, it can stay bright for a few hours without the help of sunlight. Sometimes it can be a problem in the tropic places where it shines all year round but the lights are ineffective in other parts. To make it effective it needs more autonomy. Better solar lights have a high-level lithium battery and it is where it keeps the power lit for longer hours and even during stormy weather.

Power storage

Autonomy in solar lights is necessary but power storage is also one of the things that are important in any solar light. It can measure and convert the sunlight to a battery charge. Good solar light with excellent power storage only needs a lesser time to fill a depleted battery. It can still work right away with few daylight hours. For you to understand better the power storage is not the same as charging time. A low-capacity battery can charge faster compare to bigger batteries. But a high-quality battery can have a bigger storage power rate.


There are climates that are harder on outdoor solar lights compared to others. The climate has moisture mixed with hot and cold that can destroy the batteries and solar cells of your solar lights. When your place has a different weather condition using a commodity battery cannot even survive for a longer time. You have to secure during the installation by looking for solar lights that can handle extreme weather conditions. When buying a solar light, its batteries are the first to fail during extreme weather conditions.

Luminous flux

The luminous flux is the amount of light that it gives. It will be measured in lumens but when you have a low quality of solar lights it can be dim. It is ideal to use LED lights which give you maximum lumens with less power but they can produce with a less power source. The affordable models can produce 100 lumens while those higher quality models can produce more than 120 lumens.

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