The description of Reverse phone lookup’s Massive invasion

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It’s been a few years since technology made searching as simple as Google browsing. There was a time when someone had to employ a private investigator to locate someone or gain access to confidential information about another person. If not, you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars searching via numerous person’s search and public record databases. In many circumstances, that data had to be manually accessed. Most individuals nowadays are “unaware” that by just typing a person’s phone number into a reverse phone lookup search engine; anybody may have access to comprehensive personal information about them.

Almost everyone has heard about a “Reverse Phone Lookup” for locating a phone number’s owner. However, most individuals are unaware of how much information can be found by conducting these basic searches. People nowadays can learn virtually as much about you from your “phone number” as they can from your social security number. Many people consider the capacity to do such searches a huge infringement of privacy. Consider this scenario: your phone number is typed into a simple search box, and the user gets access to the following information in seconds:


  • Your complete name
  • Your age
  • Your current address
  • Your former address

They’ll also have access to all of your public records information from throughout the country, including:

  1. Your credit rating (bankruptcies, liens, and judgments)
  2. Criminal and civil records* 3. Records of sex offenders
  3. Inmate and prison records
  4. Marriage registers
  5. Divorce documents

Reporting for the last seven, ten, or all years “criminal records” refers to criminal case records stored in public court records. It does not relate to the private criminal databases utilized by law enforcement authorities. Do you want strangers to have access to this type of information? This site may provide you with just that information.

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