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When people hear about the legal profession, many think of people who they see in TV series. The life of a real lawyer is rarely quite so glamorous. Nevertheless, the legal profession is exciting and varied every day.

Anyone who wants to become a lawyer today knows they are in good company. Personalities such as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi worked as lawyers before they achieved fame and glory elsewhere. The diversity of the legal profession must have appealed to them at the time, too. And this job will continue to be diverse in the future.

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Because society is becoming more and more ruled out, in many countries and elsewhere. As a result, more and more people need the help of a law degree to find their way through. Whether buying a house, getting divorced or facing a criminal judge, more and more situations require the involvement of a lawyer. Not to mention a cross-border acquisition of a complex court case; whole teams of lawyers work for their clients here. As a result, specialization in the legal profession is also gaining in importance. This offers an exciting insight into the industry and its special areas because not all lawyers are the same.

Today there are quite a several law firms in almost all cities with 100 or more representatives of the profession. The legal profession has changed over the years. A few years ago, the legal profession consisted almost exclusively of individual lawyers and small group practices. Today there are several law firms with 100 or more representatives of the profession.

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