Here’s Why Rolex Is Still the Best Option When Choosing a New Sports Watch

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Without question, Rolex is the most well-known watch brand in the world. To what extent does the crown indicate that this particular watchmaker is the greatest in the industry? Of course, it is! Here are the three most important factors. Get Rolex Sports Watch now.

Like the now-retired American boxer Andre Ward, Rolex is the undisputed high-end watch industry champion. Despite its lack of overall dominance, it is undeniably formidable. Rolex is a vertically integrated company that manages every stage of the manufacturing process in-house, allowing it to mass-produce high-quality goods reliably. More impressively yet, the company has figured out how to make a mass-produced premium item seem rare and desired.


A Strong Brand Built

That’s why almost every Swiss watchmaker will sing Rolex’s praises. While you may not like the timepieces themselves, you must appreciate the brand. Any former Rolex owner can undoubtedly attest to the watch’s dependability, practicality, robustness, and well-made construction. They may not have as many bells and whistles as other mechanical watches, but they get the job done (telling time) more accurately and consistently than the competition. Whenever Rolex advertises that one of their watches is waterproof to a depth of 12,800 feet, you can be certain that it will be just that.

No Double Tourbillons

There’s also value in maintaining a flawless reputation of reliability and innovation for over a century. One usually thinks of giant leaps forward when one hears the word “innovation,” as when Patek Philippe came out with their yearly calendar back in 1996. In contrast, Rolex focuses on subtle improvements. They will re-engineer something repeatedly until it is flawless, then discover a way to improve it.

All Rolex Oyster bracelets have an innovative and unique Easylink comfort extension mechanism, a great example. This feature enables the bracelet’s owner to add around 5 mm to the accessory’s overall length. The lack of glitz should include the fact that it serves a purpose.

A Reliable Assurance

A further consideration is uniformity. Every Rolex looks the same” it might be seen as a compliment or a criticism depending on who you ask. A Rolex is not the watch for you if you value originality and like to stand out from the crowd. A Rolex, on the other hand, is an immediate signal of success and money if you are the kind of person who places a premium on uniformity of design and familiarity with a particular brand. A Rolex watch is essentially its own money. Consider selling the Submariner you just purchased in Rome when you get to California. Easy. Regardless of where you are, your watch will retain a similar resale value, and merchants should all be able to communicate with you in the same basic terms.

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