Email marketing strategies and knowhow

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Through email marketing we can send news, news, collect opinions and maintain contact with customers. It is also possible to position the company’s brand in the customer’s mind top of mind, produce engagement and drive our own content marketing strategies. Care must be taken not to become unidirectional, where the company only sells, refusing to exchange values ​​with customers and users.

Using automated email marketing tools to measure the efficiency of the campaign in real time requires working very hard preparing the working conditions to use them. But, promoting this campaign will allow the development and leap forward of the company. There are many platforms to measure the results of a campaign instantly, and a series of applications with which to make these measurements and obtain the results immediately.

This type of marketing is a tool that can be used for conversion, with which it is possible to obtain great achievements from the advertising sent by email. Through messages we can offer high-value and quality content to users, where leads are approached by following the valuable content published on the company’s website or blog. This will allow you to achieve the goal of converting leads into leads to clients and customers.

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Some of the problems with sending promotional emails include:

Spam: Commercial email can anger consumers. If your messages aren’t going to the right people, the recipient can delete your email or unsubscribe. You must make sure that your e-mails comply with the privacy and data protection regulations, and that they are addressed to the people who wish to receive them because the “click-through rate” for non-targeted promotional emails is likely to be very low.

Undeliverable emails: Poorly designed emails may not be delivered. Promotional emails have greater difficulties to be delivered if they are poorly designed emails. The filters for these types of emails are more restrictive. Emails that use certain spam keywords in the subject line or content are likely to be filtered more strictly if your goal is to sell. If you don’t keep your lists up to date, you will find wrong email addresses, which means your messages won’t reach the right person.

Design Issues: Your email needs to be designed to appear as it should on various email providers and devices. You must find a trade-off between design and functionality.

Size Issues:  Files must be small enough to be downloaded quickly. Promotional emails containing a lot of images may take too long to load, causing them to lose audience interest.

The ABC of email marketing tells us that it does not matter and it should not give us the same, sending an email to a customer who has already purchased your product, than sending to whoever added your item in their shopping cart but for some reason did not specify the purchase.

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