Body Inclusivity in Yoga

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Yoga is a very old practice that can be dated back to thousands of years ago. Today, you will find a yoga school, classes, or studio regardless of where you live around the world. The fact that this practice withstood the test of time only stands as proof of its benefits and needs in today’s world. You will find different types of yoga being taught at different levels, and you have the freedom to choose which yoga practice you are comfortable with. The Marianne Wells Yoga School is just one of the many places that offer professional yoga classes for every level of experience.

A common misconception in yoga is that you have to be a certain body type for it, which is not the case. Sadly, due to the media, we are exposed to, we only see yogis or yoga students that are slender or fall in the normal weight category. A lot of people that are plus-sized or do not find traditional weight norms, as a result, end up avoiding yoga because they believe the practice does not cater to them, which is false.

Like we said in the beginning, yoga is a practice that dates back thousands of years, so people from all backgrounds, with different body types and body weights, have all partaken in it, long before media started controlling the narrative. All yoga is doable regardless of your body weight, and it is more of a matter of your instructor’s teaching, and your skills that determine how well you do. If you do not want to do inversions because of your weight or disability, then you do not have to. You do not have great balance, flexibility, or a rail-thin body for yoga. You just have to show up to class, that is it.

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