Know the steps in Registering a company in Singapore

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Singapore is recognized by the World bank as consistently the world’s best place to make business. Every year, more than 60,000 new companies are considering company registration singapore in the country based on the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Whether you’re a  permanent resident, Singapore citizen, or foreigner, company setup singapore is hassle-free, fast, and free from any hidden fees and red tape.

As a business owner, you have to know some things when incorporating a company in Singapore.

Check out the least requirements for registering a company in Singapore

 Resident and Non-Resident Directors

  • You need to appoint one resident director for the process of company registration. Once it’s completed, you can choose a limitless number of resident and non-resident directors.
  • Approved name of the company
  • Before you start with the company registration process, the name must be approved by ACRA.
  • Registered Address
  • A local Singapore address is needed for the registered company’s address. It should also be a physical address either commercial or residential yet not a PO Box.
  • Appoint a company secretary
  • You must appoint a company secretary 6 months after it completed the company registration.
  • Share Capital
  • A $1 worth of issued share capital is the least capital needed.

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Important steps to follow in company registration

            Unlike other countries, Singapore makes it easy for foreign and local entrepreneurs to register their new businesses.

Step 1: Get approval for your company name from the ACCRA

  • Business owners who like to register their companies must approve their company’s names first by ACRA. This can process can be done online, the names must not be alike to any existing company or business in Singapore.

Step 2: Prepare the needed documents for Singapore Company Registration

  • Once it approves your company name, ACRA needs the documents below for the company registration process:
  • The company Constitution is also known as the Articles of Association. You can use the standard template of the Singapore constitution made available by ACRA. Or the professional firm you capture would be able to advise and draft one accordingly.
  • Residential address and Shareholder’s identification details
  • Every appointed director must sign a Signed Consent to Act as a Director
  • An appointed company secretary must sign a Signed Consent to Act as Company Secretary

Step 3: Register your business with ACRA

  • Once the name is approved and when the documents are prepared, you can register a new company officially with ACRA. You can do this step online and complete it in an hour or less.

How to make it successful in looking for a venue for the event?

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It is common that event coordinators are having a hard time looking for the best venue for an event regardless of the number of options that you can choose from. Most venues are the same but they are offering different services and amenities. And it will take months for an event coordinator to decide on the right venue. It will be best to visit the venues to look for the best one for you. It will help you to lessen your options until you find the best place that can satisfy your needs and requirements. You will know what factors are best to looking for an event venue and you have to take note whenever you have to look for a place.

Location and accessibility

Searching for an event venue you have to think about how many attendees or guests are going to attend. But when you don’t have the access to their addresses, you can choose a place that is near to cities. For those guests that are coming from different countries, you can consider giving them a service to get to the venue. However, before you have to finalize the place you have to think about the traffic and transportation options for your guests. Visiting the venue is one of the ideal things to do and observe the traffic in the area.

Parking space

And since you have to visit the venue you don’t only have to check its traffic situation but also the parking space for those guests that have their own car. You have to know its capacity and you can offer valet parking whenever. However when there is no parking space provided you have to think of another way or secure a parking space near the venue.

Space capacity

Looking for a venue will be a hard time and to know what kind of event venue you have to choose you need to know how many guests are going to arrive at the said event. It will help you to know what room size you will get for the event. There are certain event space providers like Watson Block that can hold a bigger event. And they can adjust on how many people you are going to cater to. 


For an event, you have to finalize the activities and the program flow. You have to match the activities to the layout of the event venue. When you are an event planner or coordinator you have to know the foot traffic at the registration desk. When the event is a birthday party there must have activities like photo booths for the guests to entertain them. You have to make activities at the event so they don’t feel bored.

There are many factors that you can use when you are finding a venue for an event. You have to determine which is the priority and which is less important. You will be guaranteed that you will have a suitable venue for a certain event. By visiting or inspecting the event venue you will have an idea of what you need to plan.


How Much Money Does It Take to Start a Pressure Washing Business?

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The first thing that you should start thinking about before you look into starting any kind of a business is the amount of startup capital that the business would require as an initial investment at this current point in time. Understanding the ins and outs of your capital investment needs is a great way to ensure that nothing takes you by surprise in the future, and if you are considering pressure washing as your niche of specialization, suffice it to say that we have an answer for you that is quite accurate based on statistics that we have gathered from the market.

One thing to note here is that money requirements for startups offering commercial pressure washing houston can vary along a pretty wide scale without a shadow of a doubt. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should look into average costs since it is unlikely that you would need a single cent beyond that unless you are trying to start something that is truly huge.

It takes somewhere between ten to fifteen thousand dollars to start a bare bones pressure washing company that will be running with a skeleton crew. This amount of money is enough to cover equipment acquisition costs as well as a month or two’s salaries for your limited group of initial employees. If you keep your head down and focus on finding customers, it shouldn’t be too long before your revenue streams start to cover costs and potentially surpass them thereby giving you some profit that you can use to expand your enterprise and take it to a whole new playing field.